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Strawberry glut has some U.S. farmers dumping fruit, others giving it away

Strawberries Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing.

Strawberry farmers in Florida — who typically dominate the U.S. production of the sweet red berry from Thanksgiving through Easter — have been having a tough row to hoe. They started out this year’s season facing unusually cold temperatures, which delayed their harvest.

That meant that store shelves in California and elsewhere across the country saw prices rise as supplies dwindled: A recent report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service said that consumers were paying $2.85 for a 12-ounce container in January and $2.70 in February, up from $2.61 and $2.45 for the same period in 2009.

But earlier this month, Florida saw its weather warm up — and that sent its strawberry fields into overdrive.

“When it was cold, cold, cold, the plants went into dormancy,” said Ted Campbell, executive director of the Florida Strawberry Growers Assn. As the temperatures rose in recent weeks, there were so many strawberry blossoms in the fields, “it looked like snow, like you could ski out there.”

As a result, there’s a glut of berries in the market right now — a glut that has driven down prices for growers. On Monday, the USDA reported that flats of 8 one-pound containers of medium to large fruit were selling for between $4 to $6, a substantial drop from the nearly $17 to almost $19 that farmers were getting in early February. . . .

That price drop has prompted some Florida farmers to dump their crop or let it rot in the fields.

“It’s something everyone hates. The crime is that the fruit is coming in so beautiful too,” said Campbell. But, he noted, “it’s the economic reality [for some farmers]. It doesn’t make financial sense to keep harvesting a crop they’re going to be losing money on.”

Others, however, opened their fields up to the public to come and get the fruit. And at least one firm —  Wishnatzki Farms in Plant City, Fla. — let anyone come by this past weekend and pick as much as they could carry, in exchange for a small donation to the Redlands Christian Migrant Assn. (The group offers child care and educational resources for rural low-income families.) Nearly 5,000 people showed up, and the farm raised about $6,500, according to its website.

So what does all this mean to you, the consumer? As California’s strawberry fields hit their seasonal stride, and as Florida’s crop begins to wane in the coming weeks, agriculture groups suggest there could be a window of overlap that may lead to shoppers seeing a flurry of good berry deals at their local markets.

— P.J. Huffstutter


World Peace Tree

Spring time .. time to plant a World Peace Tree !

1.  Find a tree in your yard.

2.  Get a piece of biodegradable cloth.

3.  Write a World Peace message on the cloth.

4.  Attach to your World Peace Tree.

5.  Repeat often.

Wild Awakening

As a Wild Yogini I stand on the spiritual front line to enlighten up the hearts, minds and imaginations of every soul on the Internet / Spiritnet.   I do this with benevolent words upon my facebook wall, my blog and website.   All to assist those who strive for awakening, to enliven their understanding – that they have the power to create the reality of their choosing.

Live Fermentation

The “Hymn to Ninkas” (below) is from ancient Sumer, where fermentation was first recognized as female.   The Slavs knew her as well .. calling her Raugutiene.

Fermentation is indeed a goddess, a potent and heady brew of intoxication.   Long before man walked upright, fruit has fallen from trees to lay upon the Mother’s lap.   There, wild yeasts would joyfully gather – like Fairy’s in a Shakespearean play – to transform decay into fermentation.   Animals eating this would become drunk in celebration, coming back time and again to enjoy the Bacchanalian feast.

I have a shrine to Fermentia in my kitchen, in the form of a whey starter.   Her frothy presence is seen in young coconut yogurt and kefir.    Honor her ! Cherish her ! She is the Mistress of Healthy Bacteria, the Simmering Agent of Seething, the Restless Woman of Agitation, and the Queen of Kimchi and Kraut !


Borne of the flowing water,
Tenderly cared for by the Ninhursag.

Ninkasi, having founded your town by the sacred lake,
She finished its great walls for you.

Your father is Enki, Lord Nidimmud,
Your mother is Ninti, the queen of the sacred lake.

You are the one who handles the dough and with a big shovel,
Mixing in a pit, the bappir with sweet aromatics and date honey.

You are the one who bakes the bappir in the big oven,
Puts in order the piles of hulled grains.

You are the one who waters the malt set on the ground,
The noble dogs keep away even the potentates.

You are the one who soaks the malt in a jar,
The waves rise, the waves fall.

You are the one who spreads the cooked mash on large reed mats,
Coolness overcomes.

You are the one who holds with both hands the great sweet wort,
Brewing it with honey and wine.

Ninkasi, the filtering vat, which makes a pleasant sound,
You place appropriately on a large collector vat.

When you pour out the filtered beer of the collector vat,
It is like the onrush of two great Rivers.

MUST Buy Organic !

Wash your veggies!   If you grow your own, then a little dirt is fine .. probably even healthy.  If its store bought – even organic – wash them!  And don’t forget the value of washing / soaking them in baking soda and water.


The Dirt on Dirty Food

Hepatitis A may have been the disease that ended up sickening 575 Chi-Chi’s patrons and employees – and killing three – but a batch of green onions was the carrier. Dirty food.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that every day, 200,000 Americans contract food poisoning. But Philip Tierno, Ph.D., a microbiologist at New York University medical center and
author of The Secret Life of Germs, pegs the true eat-’em-and-weep rate at around 800,000 a day. “Everyone in this country will have at least one incident of sickness this year attributable to a foodborne
virus, bacteria, or toxin,” Tierno says. Except that most of us won’t know what hit us; we’ll chalk up the usually mild symptoms – nausea, diarrhea, cramping – to “that stomach flu that’s going around.”

Scientists currently know of only one 100 percent foolproof way to prevent food poisoning: Stop eating. Or, almost as effective, obsess over every morsel you bring to your mouth and whether it might be staring back at you. But assuming you’d rather not die of slow starvation or, worse, live like Nick Nolte, we present you with a third, saner solution: Identify and sanitize the 10 dirtiest foods.

After considering incidence of outbreaks, relative danger of the dirt, and how often the carrier is found on our forks, we came up with a list of the edibles most likely to send your day spiraling down the crapper. We then assembled simple strategies for decontaminating the prime suspects–from the supermarket to the supper table – without worrying yourself sick. And what if, as with Jeff Cook, someone else does the cooking? We also tell you how to spot a dirty restaurant. Add it all up and what we’re giving you is a recipe–for clean living.

Top 10:
-Deli cut meat and cheese (the slicer holds the ‘dirt’).

-Raw Oysters (warm months in the Northern Hemisphere are hotbeds for disease).


-Ground beef

-Chicken (the foulest of foul)



-Packaged salad and greens


-Peaches (A week before they reach the store they are laden with chemicals to make them ‘look good’. Those chems go right through that soft skin.)

______From the article, its easy to note that the bulk of these foods are animal products.

Eat Well .. Smile Often!
Yogini Valarie Devi

DON’T Buy Organic !

Save $$ – don’t be fooled!   Below is a list of foods that you do *not* need to buy organic.    This is due to several reasons, ranging from the thickness of the skin, to the skin not being eaten, or that the pesticides used on them are minimal to non-existent.

Dr. Andrew Weil (the only physician I place trust in) says, “Of the 43 different fruit and vegetable categories tested, the following foods do not have to be organic.   These had the lowest pesticide load, and consequently are the safest conventionally grown crops to consume from the standpoint of pesticide contamination.”

He also goes on to point out, “However, make it a habit to wash them thoroughly before eating or cooking, to remove dirt and bacteria.”   I suggest washing them in baking soda and water.   Not only does this help remove residue from the skin, but is the ingredients for the ‘veggie washes’ found in stores (for too much $$).

Now .. Dr. Weil only lists a ‘Top 11’, but I have identified FOUR more from reputable sites, so have included them below.   Additionally, I have included two ‘questionable’ ones.

For Dr. Weil’s list:

The additional foods have been added below, in alphabetical order.







Corn (sweet, frozen)







Peas (sweet, frozen)


Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes.   Both often come out on the ‘dirty list’ for pesticides, yet seem to be naturally resistant to them.   However, do watch tomatoes .. they are often Genetically Modified (GM).

Wild Self Realization – How To

-Be open minded.

-Be self-responsible.

-Consider that you are a spiritual being having a human experiencing.

-Identify how you are being controlled, what buttons you have that can be pushed – that you allow to be pushed.

-Think Right Brain – creativity, imagination, connectivity with All That Lives.

-Identify fear, hate, resentment, guilt, anger, depression, low self esteem. Discover their roots, and remove them.

-Realize that the journey to self realization may prompt one’s comfort zone to collapse .. this is normal
and a necessary part of the journey.

-Define your intent, and wait for that intent-energy to draw towards it like-intent. So if one’s intent is to re-connect with All That Lives, the experiences necessary to realize this, will be drawn to one.

-Associate with people and experiences that will support your intent.

-Consider that what many consider as the ‘soul’ may be the expression of pure love. So that, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, regardless of the individual (political party or criminal), there is only pure love. That the one great truth is infinite love, and that all else is fear, hate, resentment, guilt, anger, depression and low self esteem.

-Consider that you are more than a physical body, that you are more than the sum total of your experiences.

-Consider that your soul lives forever. That you are everything and everything is you. That whatever you are experiencing in this moment, is but one experience of countless experiences, so far from one singular event that defines you.

-As creative beings we can shape a world of hate and fear, or a world of love and compassion.

-The time is now. When we heal our self, we heal the world. When we change our self, we change the world. When we love our self, we love the world.

-When we love the world, its manifests as freedom .. as awakening .. as realization.

AUM Peace!

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