Wild Gayatri

Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhoor Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat

AUM Earth, Air, Heaven

May you bring the radiant splendor of the Sun .. the divine rouser ..

Who will set in motion our prayers.

AUM is the All of Existence, the Primal Sound of Creation.  AUM, often written as ‘OM’, is the pranava, and the omkara – that which is ‘sounded out loudly’ or ‘humming’, and the ‘primal syllable’.  AUM is all-encompassing consciousness, the first vibration within the depth of the void (the great emptiness).  AUM is the sound of the Absolute Reality; it is the Crown Chakra and Vajra (Brilliant Diamond Light).

Bhoor is Earth, the physical world, the experience of life, and the vitality of life.  Bhoor is the Coming.

Bhuvah is Air, the mental world.  It is Prana, the lifeforce, and that which repels struggle.  Bhuvah is the Going.

Svah is Heaven, the spiritual world, the realm of happiness, health and holiness.  Svah is Balance.

[[Bhoor Bhuvah Svah are the three worlds, and were well known to all ancient peoples, from the Indo-Europeans to the Druidic Celts.

–Earth is existence, the material / physical realm.

–Air is consciousness, the realm of cognition.

–Heaven is the Absolute, the incomprehensible Potential.]]

Tat is ‘That’, the Oneness, All That Is.  That is your Innate Nature.  You Are That.

Savitur is Radiant Splendor, the brilliant luminescence that raises the vibration of all life.  It is the inspiration of our soul.

[[Tat Savitur is the ‘Radiant Splendor’, the ‘Essential Illuminator’.  It is the brilliance inherent in cognition .. in perception.  It is ‘That’ which illuminates the three worlds – Earth, Air and Heaven.  Tat Savitur is not the sun, but the essence of the sun – which is life, vitality, creativity and en-lightenment.]]

Varenyam is ‘excellent’ and desirable, it is the best choice, it is supreme.  It is all that is ‘venerable’ and worthy of adoration.

Bhargo is radiance and magnificence, or that which dispels are darkness.  It is glory and splendor and all this is permeated by illumination.

Devasya is divine, the intrinsically pure and brilliant.

Dheemahi is thought and meditation.  It is the attainment of prayer, or that which is set in motion, such as through absorption, intense concentration.  It is receiving without effort.

Dhiyo is intellect, or that which all humans perceive through subtle and meditative intellect.

Yonah is ‘who’ and ‘us’ (Yo is who; Nah is us).  When combined, the ‘I’ becomes the ‘Many’, the ‘one’ becomes the ‘all’.  Together, it is a feminine principle.

Prachodayaat is ‘stimulate, enlighten, ignite’.  It is the divine spark that is ‘set in motion’, so that it inspires.  It is the urging towards brilliant radiance, of enlightened awareness.


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