Wild Dream – Leap

I was somewhere and there was a car accident.   There were three people with me – three souls.   I helped them so they were not injured from the accident.   I saw a fourth person and tried to reach her, a small child, but a man stopped me.

Next I was with three people, a couple and a man I was supposed to be with.   The man I was supposed to be with controlled everything – telling me what to do, where to go, when to sit.   I followed his direction to observe the situation, to see where we four were going, what was going on here.

We four were going to a concert that I was not prepared for.   No one asked if I wanted to go, nor was I dressed properly, and I was offered no food or drink.   I was simply there to please the man, so that he could be part of a couple, like the couple he was with.

The man and I were sitting at a table.   He opened a coconut and ate it, never once asking if I wanted any.   When he had his share, he threw it away, even though there was still coconut inside, and water to be drank.   I asked him, “Why did you not ask if I wanted any of the coconut?”   He replied, “Because Im in charge here.   Your opinion doesnt matter.”

So I rose up and said, “Im leaving.”   He laughed and said, “Where will you go.”   I simply turned a walked away.

I walked across a great field, then came to a country road.   This dirt road led to a town where all the signs were in a language I did not understand.   I thought, “I will have to go back, to find out where I am.”   But as quickly, I thought, “No, I do not.  I am here.  That is where I am.”   So I continued to walk.

I came across a wild landscape of deep earthen ravines, with massive boulders.   It looked like an ancient river bed.   I jumped down into it and literally leaped – gracefully, with strength and effortless flight – from one rock, to tree, to ground bed after another.   The feeling was one of freedom, of being unhindered, of moving from one obstacle to another without seeing it as an obstacle, but a springboard for the next leap.

It was an exhilarating feeling that I enjoyed.   Then I woke up.


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