Wild Self Realization – How To

-Be open minded.

-Be self-responsible.

-Consider that you are a spiritual being having a human experiencing.

-Identify how you are being controlled, what buttons you have that can be pushed – that you allow to be pushed.

-Think Right Brain – creativity, imagination, connectivity with All That Lives.

-Identify fear, hate, resentment, guilt, anger, depression, low self esteem. Discover their roots, and remove them.

-Realize that the journey to self realization may prompt one’s comfort zone to collapse .. this is normal
and a necessary part of the journey.

-Define your intent, and wait for that intent-energy to draw towards it like-intent. So if one’s intent is to re-connect with All That Lives, the experiences necessary to realize this, will be drawn to one.

-Associate with people and experiences that will support your intent.

-Consider that what many consider as the ‘soul’ may be the expression of pure love. So that, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, regardless of the individual (political party or criminal), there is only pure love. That the one great truth is infinite love, and that all else is fear, hate, resentment, guilt, anger, depression and low self esteem.

-Consider that you are more than a physical body, that you are more than the sum total of your experiences.

-Consider that your soul lives forever. That you are everything and everything is you. That whatever you are experiencing in this moment, is but one experience of countless experiences, so far from one singular event that defines you.

-As creative beings we can shape a world of hate and fear, or a world of love and compassion.

-The time is now. When we heal our self, we heal the world. When we change our self, we change the world. When we love our self, we love the world.

-When we love the world, its manifests as freedom .. as awakening .. as realization.

AUM Peace!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mike k
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 19:05:17

    Excellent post!


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