Wild Promiscuous Women

An Iranian cleric said earthquakes were caused by “women who do not dress modestly”.

( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8631775.stm )

~ ~

To this I say:

“We Are Women Hear Us Roar!

We are Might and Mainstay.

We birth earthquakes and cause lightning to burn the sky.

Tsunamis burst from our wombs and floods gush from our breasts.

You veil us because you fear us!


Wild Yogini on the Loose

Wild Feelings

Want to live fully?   Want to savor and cherish every moment .. because they are good moments?   Want to transform  tension, stress and uncertainty into good moments?

~ ~ ~

Then Yoga is for you because it recovers our capacity to feel.

~ ~ ~

Avoiding emotions, sweeping issues under the carpet, turning a blind eye, all keep us from our true self .. which is calm and loving, supportive and nurturing.  Yoga is about feeling .. from the inside out.   It is about looking inward to see how you feel, why your feeling that way and how best to accept that feeling.

~ ~ ~

There can be no peace without integration of feeling.   No calm without looking within.

Truth and Wild Consequences

Never overlook a good thing.   Whether it be a smile, a stranger holding a door, a soft ‘excuse me’, or a gentle glance.   These good things fill the bucket .. the huge vessel of life.

~ ~ ~

Likewise, do not overlook a bad thing.  Like being being yelled at by a passing vehicle, ignored by someone, or being flipped off with a rude gesture.  These good things ignite the bucket .. enraging it.

~ ~ ~

Inhale deeply and exhale completely at the bad things.   Smile softly and say a mantra, like “Metta”, or “Shanti”, or “Amen”.   Be the change you want to see in others.

Wild Shala Opening

Great Green Opening, Thursday, April 22d, Earth Day

The Shala

2916 Valley Court

Loganville, GA  30052

~ ~ ~

Central to Loganville, Grayson, Snellville and Lawrenceville.

Three miles from 20.

On Hwy 81.

Minutes from 78.

Convenient central Gwinnett location!

~ ~ ~

Thursday is a full day schedule:

~Dhyana Sadhana (Meditation Practice): 6:30am

~Agni Yoga (‘fire’ or hot yoga): 7:15am

~Gentle Yoga: 9am

~Chikitsa Yoga (Healing): 5pm

~All Levels Hatha Yoga: 7-8:30pm

~ ~ ~

Open Friday and Saturday, so be sure to check out the

schedule for the best time to bring your joy and well

wishes for The Shala!

~ ~ ~

AUM Peace, Shalom, Shanti!

Wild Kirtan and Birthday Bliss

Last night : At the Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Mittan and Manose Chant Super Tour last night.

I spent the evening in Bhakti surrounded by loving friends – akin to last year.   I walked around a few times between sets, meeting about 12 others I know.   I picked up the ‘Mantras for Precarious Times’ (listening now), and a hug from Deva.  It was a blessed evening – and the beginning of my birthday bliss.

This morning ; Rolled out of bed without stretching.   Let the dogs out.   They ran off into the woods.  I followed .. barefoot.

The earth was cool and slightly damp beneath my feet as I ran.  I thought how lovely the sound of my breath was among the trees.   We four met up at a mile and walked back together.  And so my 51st birthday beings !

Raw Breakfast : Blueberry, Banana and Coconut Smoothie.  Think .. creamy, blueberry-y, sweet and soothing.  A perfect morning birth-bliss delight.