Wild Downtime

Yes .. its been a while since my last post, and that’s a good thing.  The Internet becomes too much when one dreams of sending posts.  Which I started to do, so decided to walk away from the box of white light.


And so what has the Wild Yogini been doing since last she posted?




I have been Yoga Walking and Yoga Running.  I visited my dear ‘sister and brother’ and my bright and beautiful godchildren.  I have walked the streets of Little Five Points and chatted with poets and junkies, Rastas and ministers, radical grandmothers and “gothic surfer vampire chicks”.  I have cried and prayed for Mother Ocean.  I have pondered the spiritual opportunity that 2012 brings.  I’ve been exploring the world of Superfoods .. and digging the trip.  I have smoked with shamans, walked barefoot for nine miles, laughed with friends, had late night phone calls discussing ‘Wyrd Consciousness’, and mused over “Yoga Moguls” and newage pundits who shave their eyebrows to sell books.


I have attended the funeral of a young man, met with facebook friends over lunch, pondered why people seek reconciliation only after death appears in their life, chewed on Allan Watts Nothingness, and dreamt of dancing with Nagas on the edge of white sands and clear waters.  I have harvested wild berries, wild mushrooms and wild flowers – placing them in my mouth like prayers in a puja. I have explained the nuisances of Zen and Dhyana, comforted dogs during lightning storms, contemplated divine madness, harvested and brewed a tea of nine herbs, thought of several impossible things everyday, and Yoga danced.


Have allowed myself to be angry at those who mistreat senior family members, had visions of Shri Sai Baba and rich green tea with Kali Ma, reconnected with friends long thought lost, and watched a tv show.  I have wondered at the profound depth within the eyes of an Autistic child, read Emerson until the sun rose, discussed human slavery with an open-hearted friend, meditated for two days on Unity Consciousness, mulled over Linkin Park’s lyrics, chanted the hymns of Hildegard von Bingen, smoked the Tree of Life, had tea with a 50+ devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, sprouted wild brown rice, discovered and brushed smooth a callus from  Kailash, and wondered over the difference of being hot and having a hot flash.


In short, changed my perspective and watched the world change around me.



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