Wild Politics

Yoga does not encourage one to be unconcerned with the challenges of daily living.  Nor should the idea of Yoga detachment be confused with apathy to the world.  A life dedicated to Yoga (not just Hatha/physical practice) is one that allows freedom to pursue both mental and supra-mental ideas.  Detachment is the abandonment of illusion to better live in a way helpful to one’s society and world.

~ ~ ~

The idea of Yoga simplicity is not relegated to the physical world but the mental realm, where one seeks the methods to be free of ego and its complexities.  Spirit and matter both are expressions of the Absolute, so to abandon one for the sake of the other denies the All.

~ ~ ~

Yoga is the art of dynamic living, which is the true pulse of spiritual aspiration.  One may choose to confront the daily concerns of life, or one may denounce the daily concerns of life.  In all, it is best to Adapt, Adjust and Accommodate to daily living to better promote union (‘yoga’) with the Source. A course of action far superior to inactivity (tamasic).

~ ~ ~

Through Yoga one purifies and integrates ones heart and mind – a practice akin to a research scientists intense focus on their particular field of study.  So that the Yogi, though not directly engaged in the world, is able to impact the world in beneficial and educational ways.

~ ~ ~

Because Yogi’s seek to confront their individual samskaras (impressions) and so sooth the tumultuous waves of mind (vritti), who better to turn an adamantium (vajra) eye onto the realm of politics?

~ ~ ~

Certainly, if political leaders at every level – from trash commissioners to school administrators, to senators and presidents – were to embrace but a modicum of Yogic ideas, they would be better able to promote shanti (peace), metta (loving kindness), and karuna (compassion) for all their constituents.  With Yoga they would be able to explore methods of namaste (mutual respect) and so diminish the need for ignorance (avidya) and injury (himsa).

~ ~ ~

Yogis are well served to seek out areas where their philosophical dedication may assist others; for when one is not swayed by political ambition or fame, they are better able to be true servants of purity (sattva) and enlightenment (bodhi).


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