Wild HGH

“Magic Pill”?   “..many longevity experts advocate reduced calorie intake and even occasional fasting as a good way to stimulate HGH production.”   HGH is ‘Human Growth Hormone’, which stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other animals.

An increase in HGH levels is readily utilized by the body to rejuvenate the function cells.   Healthy cells mean a healthier system, so a healthier body.

Fasting triggers the pituitary into action by inducing it to pump out more growth hormone.   The “stress” that fasting places on the body is a “good” type of stress.   So not only is fasting a good way to detox – flushing accumulated toxins from the body – but also promotes longevity.

The resultant heightened HGH levels are responsible for most of the positive physical, mental and spiritual states that fasting practitioners mention so often.   Overall, many who fast – myself include – feel energetic, euphoric and enlightened.

Fasting then, appears to be Nature’s way towards life extension .. the ‘magic pill’ that boosts our vim, vigor and vitality well into our senior years.

Namaste, Mutual Respect and Peace Out!



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