Wild Yoga for Fasting

Reminder:  These asanas can be done one a day, or several a day.   Do as many times as you like.   Allow yourself to become absorbed in their movement, dancing with your breath.


I designed a Chikitsa Yoga (c) routine some twelve years ago.   It has been used with great success by all my Yoga students over these many years.

For the current Five Day Fast I am on – my Wild, Live and Fast (c) adventure – I have been introducing an asana a day to the ‘Sexy Vegan 5 Day Juicey Fast’ group.

I will be introducing a Yoga asana a day.   These are ..

-very gentle,

-assist the body in its function of elimination and excretion,

-improve immunity,

-focus on the detoxification organs and systems, like the liver and gallbladder, intestines and colon, lymph and blood,

-promote efficient and effective functioning of these organs and their functions,

-reduce free radicals and eliminate toxins,

-promote healthy eating and nutrition, and

-reduce and eliminate mucus and congestion.

Fasting is detoxing, and detoxing involves more than refraining from food (or certain types of foods).   When we fast we centralize our energy, because instead of the body’s energy focusing on digestion, and working hard to cleanse its self of toxin and pollutants (that we put in it) it can focus on its primary function .. Health, Happiness and Wholesomeness.

The following asanas are meant to be done incrementally, so that on Day One of the Fast, you do one pose – however many times you like, as often as you like.   Then on Day Two, do two asanas, and so on.   They are also in order, from gentle stimulation to ‘flushing’, so that by Day Five you can be doing all five in order.

They can be done either on the floor, or a chair, or a bed even; and none of them are difficult, just healing.

Close your eyes when doing these asanas, to better focus on the breath and the natural body movement.   When we close our outer eyes, the Inner Eye opens to a vast vista ..

Day One, Healing Yoga, Horse Pose:

-Sit on the floor with the legs crossed, or sit in a chair with the feet flat, beneath the knees.

-With hands on the knees, INHALE and lean forward, leading with the chest and chin.

-Holding on to the knees, EXHALE and lean backwards, rolling the spine and tucking the chin into the chest.

-Continue this undulating, ‘horse ride’, as you breath deep and slow.   Close your eyes and follow the natural flow of your breath.

Benefits: Strengthens the spine, and cultivates the body’s natural supply of stored energy.

Day Two, Healing Yoga, Namaste Twist:

-Sit on the floor with the legs crossed, or sit in a chair with the feet flat, beneath the knees.

-Place hands at heart in ‘Namaste pose’ (palms pressed, shoulders soft).

-INHALE and raise your arms overhead, stretching upwards .. try to feel the ribcage lifting.

-EXHALE slowly drop the arms to the sides as you turn to the right, the finger tips may touch the earth in front of you and behind you.  Try to squeeze the belly as you EXhale .. imagine you are squeezing toxins from the body.

-INHALE, raise the arms overhead, again, lifting gently.

-EXHALE slowly drop the arms to the left side.

-INHALE always return to center, EXHALE turning/twisting.

Benefits:  Gently opens the middle back, while massaging the area and energy centers of the liver and gallbladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas.

Day Three, Healing Yoga, Draw Bridge:

-Either begin on your back, or roll down to your back from the previous asana.   Knees are bent, feet are flat.   Reach the arms down to either lightly touch the heels, or in that general direction.

-INHALE, lift the hips and arms off the floor.   The arms rise to touch the earth past the head; hips are lifted comfortably (feet and shoulders stay on the earth).

-EXHALE, bring the arms back to the sides and the hips back to the earth.

-Repeat .. following your breath.

Benefits: Stimulates the thyroid, and balances the endocrine system.

Day Four, Healing Yoga, Crown Chakra Pose:

-If you are doing the all the asanas today, then from Bridge Pose (above), simply lay down; otherwise, lay on the floor, on your back, hands at sides.

-Bend the Right knee and place the Right foot on the Left Leg.   This is your INHALE position.

-EXHALE, drop the Right leg over to the left side, open your mouth and let the sound of AHHHHH! come from your belly.

-INHALE, return to the starting position (Right knee up, foot resting on Left Leg).

-Continue to breathe deep and flow, lifting and dropping the knee to the side .. EXHALEing the Bij Mantra AH.

-Repeat on both sides.

Note:  Ah is the Bij Mantra (seed sound) for the Crown Chakra.   In the body, it is the natural sound we make when sighing, or when the body triggers a relaxation responce.   The Bij Ah made deliberately actives deep relaxation in the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits: Releases tension and frustration; improves respiration, while clearing the ear, nose and throat of excess mucus.   Stress melts away so that the Crown Chakra may gently blossom

Day Five, Healing Yoga, Freedom Flying:

-If you are still on the floor, from the previous asana, come to standing; or, simple begin in a standing position.

-Extend arms out to the sides, lateral, palms facing forward.  This is the INHALE position.

-EXHALE reaching forward, pushing the hips back.  The spine is parallel with the earth, palms lightly touching in front of you, hips stretching back to lengthen the spine.

-Return to the INHALE standing position, arms at sides, and repeat.

Shanti and Metta!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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