Live Loca Resolution

For many, its ‘that time of year again’ .. yes, its New Year, and though many look forward to the New Year they dread the resolution part.


Well, resolutions, it seems, are broke before there’re even made.  And so guilt or remorse sets in, which creates a downward spiral of inadequacy and ‘starting the year on a sour note’.

Nonsense!  And have no fear .. because Wild Yogini is here.  I only said that because it rhymes   😀

So what is a resolution?  Glad you asked!  According to its “a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.”

Alright .. but what about us individuals?

Its “a resolve or determination; the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose”.

At this, I know some of you are thinking about all those past New Year Resolutions that went belly up, but .. hey .. its all about intent!  Right?

Well, I don’t mean to be the New Year party poop here but .. err .. no, good intentions are not good enough!


Well, imagine you and five friends sitting about a table, chatting, laughing, having a good time.  One of you says, “I want to go to Costa Rica.”  Another chimes in with, “So do I!”  Then a third with, “Me too!”  so the conversation turns to the trip .. planning, organizing, best dates.  How very exciting .. Costa Rica .. beach, rain forest, eco-wilderness, Yoga, loads of fruits, and basking in the constant 72d weather.  Ahhhh!

So how many of you and the five friends go?

None.  Zero.  Zip.  You get the picture.  Intent and intention are not the same as commit and commitment.

So what’s it going to be this year: A New Years Intention or a New Years Commitment?  I mean, honestly, we can resolve to do something, be determined to do something, be firm in our purpose to do something, but do we actually do that thingamajig?

Ah .. therein is the difference between intention and commitment!

I think the primary reason why so many New Year Resolutions fail is due to lack of research.  Yes .. research.  After all, to go anywhere – heck, to even be spontaneous – it takes a degree of research and planning.  For example, I love being spontaneous, but that spontaneity also depends on where I find myself.  And with a little bit of knowing where I’m going, I can be even more spontaneous!

I rarely make New Year Resolutions.  In fact, I can count on one finger the times I have.  Which is why this year is momentous .. because I’ve been researching a resolution.

First, the reason I don’t make New Year Resolutions is because I can resolve myself to do anything I want on any day of the year.  I can make a resolution 365 times if I want to!  So saving up for just once a year seems sort of .. well, sort of lame actually.  Honestly, think about it: Do you only resolve to do something once a year?  No, not at all.  In fact, we make resolutions every day; for example: we resolve to get out of bed, we resolve to go to work, we resolve to eat breakfast or not, we resolve to be happy or grumpy; and so it goes.

Yea, yea .. New Year Resolutions are supposed to be big resolves .. but, it doesn’t always work out that way .. does it?  Which is where I started this blog entry .. about making a resolution, not following through on it, then feeling like twaddle for it.

So if you really, Really, REAL-ly want to resolve yourself to change, then look into it first.  See if it fits into your schedule.  See if its something you can do every day.  See if you know someone(s) who will support you when feeling less resolved.  In essence .. don’t set yourself up for failure before you’ve even begun!

Now to my resolution: I’ve been looking into this, and for the last year have been making steps in this direction, so feel fairly confident I can manage this.  I’ve resolved myself to only eat Georgia grown / produced food for a month.

-Looking into it:  I’ve checked to see the local crops available this time of year, and the local providers, so feel confident that there is plenty of both food and variety for me to do this for 30 days.

-Making steps in this direction:  I’ve been working on the 100 Thing Challenge for about a year.  Which doesn’t mean I only live off of 100 things (though, in truth, I’m pretty darn close), just that I’ve been gearing my thinking in that direction.

-Feel fairly confident: I’ve been focusing on sustainable living for more than a few years, and since I started looking at the “reduce, refuse, rejigger” mentality, have been even more keen on what that means on a daily basis.

So with these three under my belt, I feel ready to live solely on Georgia grown fruits and veggies for 30 days.

Will it be a challenge?  I’ sure! .. but isn’t that part of the fun of a resolution .. testing your will?  Or at least, it is for me.  And I do love a challenge!

Mind you, part of this resolution involves not wasting what I have, which includes using the produce already in my refrigerator.  As a Live Vegan I shop weekly, so have a few newly purchased items, plus a few left over pieces, but will be mostly starting from scratch tomorrow .. January 1st.

I’m looking forward to it, because it’s an opportunity to apply the research I’ve already done in the sustainable living area, to experience what it means to truly live locally, to journey towards a way of thinking and being that I’ve never explored before.

Resolve Deliberately!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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