Wild Yoking

Brahma is Divine Creativity.

God created us in his own image, so each of us contains an image of god.

We are half human and half divine – demi-gods, divine beings.

First is Proto-Indo-European *deiwos meaning celestial, shining.  Second is Sanskrit devá- meaning to shine, shining being.  Then Lithuanian dievas, Germanic tiwaz, and Latin deus.  French dieu, Portuguese deus, Spanish dios, Italian dio, and Greek zeys / zεύς, dias / Δίας .. all meaning the same thing.

God is a being of Shining Light.  Humans carry the divine spark.

“The Light in me recognizes the Light in you” = Namaste, the traditional Hindu greeting.

Now the earth was formless and empty,

darkness was over the surface of the deep,

and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.



Before time began there was no heaven,

no earth and no space between.

A vast dark ocean washed upon the shores of

nothingness and licked the edges of night.

A mighty serpent moved within the waters;

asleep within its endless coils lay Brahma – the Spark of Creation.

–Rig Veda


The human body is a chariot, its mind a team of horses.  What will yoke the two?  The chariot simply is, and though it has wheels, it does not move unaided.  The horses are wild and free – free rein / reign / realm / rule / ruler / raja / royal.  What will yoke the two?

Yoga = yoke, from Sanskrit yuj, to yoke, to unite, to control, to join.

The chariot is yoked to the horses.  The body is yoked to the mind.  Prakrti / Nature / Primal Motive Force, is yoked to Purusha / Pure Consciousness / Cosmic Man.  Human yoked to Divine.

Hatha Yoga is one such yoke; as is Paleolithic religion; as is Hinduism; as is Judaism; as is Buddhism; as is Christianity; as is Islam; as are …

Yet, the yoke is more than these, older than all of these.  Nor can the yoke be codified or quantified, dogmafied or hypothesized.  For the yoke is the Divine Spark passed from God to Human – long before words and doctrine, ritual and format, there simply was the yoke.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

First there is the shell, inside of which is the albumen, then the chalazae, and the yoke.

But first, there was the World Egg, the primordial existence.  Brahmanda is brahm / cosmos, expanding, and anda is egg.

Hiranyagarbha – the golden egg, the golden womb – floated upon the emptiness until Brahma breathed up it, which caused it to split into two halves: Dyaus / the Shining Abode, where the Shining Beings (gods) live; and Prithvi, the earth.

Now we know which came first.

In the beginning was the Goose that laid the Golden Egg!

The yoke is within.

Within and protected by the outer shell.

Within and floating within the albumen.

Within and connected to the chalazae (the umbilicus).

Within yet part of all parts.

The human outer shell is our skin and bones.  The human albumen is our blood and bodily fluids.  The human umbilicus is our navel / nabhu / omphalos, and this connects us to the yoke.  The yoke is even yoked.  All That Is is threaded to All That Is.

Do you contemplate your navel?  Do you gave upon your connecting link?  Do you ponder the origin of your existence?

Omphaloskepsis = to contemplate one’s navel.

The Axis Mundi – the Cosmic Axis, the World Axis, the World Pillar – is the world’s navel.  The umbilical and yoke.

It is seen in the Sacred Mountain – Mount Kailash, Mount Athos, Mount Ararat, the Black Hills, Mount Everest, Mount Gerizim, Mount Sinai, Temple Mount, Jebel Barkal, Mauna Kea, Machu Picchu, Nanda Devi, Mount Banahow, Mount Tralala, Phnom Kulen  ..

It is seen in the World Tree – Yggdrasil and Irminsul, Saosis, the Manifestation of God, Etz Chaim, the Bodhi Tree, the Tule Tree, the Black Stone ..

It is the center of the world, the center of life, the center of the human body – that which is above the navel and that which is below the navel.

The human yoke is the center around which evolves / revolves that which is Above and that which is Below.  That which is of Heaven and that which is of Earth.  That which is human and that which is divine.

The yoke stands between the chariot and horses, the body and mind.

Who is the driver?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is the driver.  He is half human and half divine.  We are half human and half divine.  Arjuna is every human, all men, all beings.

But Arjuna does not drive the chariot and horses – Krishna does.

Who is Krishna?  Let him describe himself:

Behold my opulences, hundreds of thousands of varied divine forms, multicolored like the sea.

See here the different manifestations of the sun, the celestial objects.

Within this universal form, all is here.

Within are all wonders, dazzling ornaments of the divine,

glorious garlands,

and the magnificent all-expanding unlimitedness.

Countless suns and untold planets and infinite blue skys;

bewildering and astonishing folds of various and living entities.

Beautiful flowers, wise sages and diverse animals.

No end, no beginning, no middle;

the best of the best and inexhaustible.

Older than old, upholder of Creativity, radiant eternity.

All grace and love, all life and death, and all that is between.

Perfection beyond perfection, transcendental and material,

sanctuary invincible.

-Bhagavad  Gita,  11


Then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him

and proclaimed his name: compassionate and gracious,

slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness,

maintaining love to thousands,

and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.

Greatness of hand, doer of deeds and mighty works;

merciful destroyer and subdue.

Mighty and awesome, showing no partiality,

the eternal one of refuge.

I am the rock, who looks upon all mankind and utters wisdom,

therefore, have no fear.

Guide to the end, judge and warrior,

almighty and trustworthy,

the vengeful and merciless, and the oil of gladness.

Fear not for my kingdom is within you,

so worship in spirit and in truth.

Living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword,

I penetrate even the soul and spirit, the joints and marrow.

Whoever does not love does not know me;

whoever lives in love lives in me.

-the Bible, various verses


This is who drives our chariot and horses.

God is more than co-pilot.

Humans / Arjuna / Every Man, shoots his arrows here and there.  Highlighting, here and there, interest and occupation, insight and ignorance; but does not steer the chariot, for their hands and feet are busy.

God is the driver.

God is creation.  That creativity is within us.  Humans are the co-pilot – co-creators in the direction of life.  Which direction do you steer in?  Do you consider god’s advice in that direction?

What is your yoke?  What connects your chariot / body close to your horses / mind?

What is your yoke?  What connects you to god?

“Do Yoga” means:

-to yoke,

-to connect,

-to operate not as two but as one,

-to realize that you are not alone,

-to hitch your wagon to a star,

-to be whole,

-to be balanced,

-to be centered,

-to be realized,

-to be blessed,

-to live in grace,

-to be in the now,

-to be who you already are.

Be That Now!

Namaste and Peace Out!



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