Vegan Food Bill

On 14 February I went for my usual shopping trip of all fruits and veggies.   I spent $48.29.

On 27 February I still had leftovers from that trip: 4 apples, 3 mangoes, a package of celery, and 3 zucchini.

This is my typical Live Vegan Food Bill.

On 28 February I started a pre-planned Live Vegan juice fast, so went shopping to pick up all the items I would need for that.  I spent $60.37 cents.   All the fruits and veggies purchased are meant to be juiced, and the recipes supposed to last five (5) days.

Day five was yesterday and I still have a refrigerator full of produce.

My point is how so many make out about “how expensive” it is to “eat healthy”.   Well, this is simply not the case.

On average I spend $200.00 a month to eat – and that is rounded UP.

Do I buy all organic?  No, but then I – like you – don’t need to.

Am I healthy?   Very!   I own a Yoga Shala and teach 20 hours a week; in addition to my 1-2 hour daily personal Yoga practice.   So I am not just healthy, but physically fit and mental alert.

So next time someone tells you they “can’t afford” to eat healthy .. direct them to my blog and let them do the math.

Namaste and Peace Out!



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