100% Live Vegan

The question often is, “Are you 100% Live Vegan?”

Most Live Vegan sites agree that 70% constitutes a “Raw Vegan”.

What has long stumped me is: How is this number arrived at?  To date, I’ve yet to find anyone who can answer that question .. so I worked on my own answer.

First, I am no mathematician – please keep that in mind – so this is a formula I think will aid those trying to determine what percentage of Live / Raw Vegan food they eat.

30 days in a month

100% / 30 = 3.33

3.33 is the value of every Live Vegan Day

3.33 can be broken down to:
-3 meals a day,
-.33 snacks

So if you ate one meal, in one day, that was not Live Vegan, then your daily number would be 2.33.

If that were the only none Live Vegan meal during the month (30 days), then you would be 98.9% Live Vegan.

Whatever the case .. eat Live for your Life!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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