Acknowledge Self, Gain Health

Are you searching for ‘Raw Vegan’ or ‘Live Foods’?   Are you searching of ‘Yoga and Diet’?   Are you searching for ‘healthy lifestyle’?   Are you searching for ‘Yoga and Ayurveda’?   Are you searching for a way to reclaim your health and vitality?   Are you searching for ‘traditional Yoga’?   Are you searching for something to ease the sense of emptiness you feel inside?

Ok .. so that last one was really deep!


So regardless of how you came to this page, face it, you are looking for something to connect with.   Whether it be healthy eating, Yoga, a life change, or some other, you are here to help define who you are and what you know.

Eating whole foods – foods close to their natural state – has always been at the heart of Yoga, which has always been about health.

Seems like every day, reading the news, there are articles about this disease or that disease.   And it’s true, disease is on the rise, which means Big Pharma drug use is on the rise, which combines to create a transgression against natural law.   Yes .. natural law .. which is your inner wisdom.  L ets be honest here, when eating a burger your getting more than just cooked meat; for example, the FDA and USDA allow the definition of ‘meat’ to have upwards of 20 components.

Before taking up exercise (Yoga), one must learn about health (Ayurveda).   So that health comes first, then exercise; which makes since, because most of us are born healthy and only take up exercise after getting out of shape (or unhealthy).

You see, health and exercise – Ayurveda and Yoga – focus on eliminating the cause of disease, promote a return to natural law/living, and reestablish balance within the bodymind complex.   So health and exercise is holistic, or that which includes the whole of our being, which means the body, mind and spirit.   But at the most fundamental level – so therefore, the easiest – there is whole food, which is the medium for bringing balance to the sum total of what we are.   You see, there is nothing more basic, more natural, then preventative health and healing.

The self is the origin of all finite happiness,

But it is itself limitless, transcending definition.

It remains unaffected by deeds, good or bad.

It is beyond feeling and beyond knowledge.

It is the ever present in the meditation of a Yogi.

-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Now that’s diving deep!

You see .. free will is our divine birthright, as are our capacities for self-reflection and distraction.   So that our ahamkara, our “individual self”, is both the vehicle gifted us at birth to facilitate life’s journey, and the means of our free and willful expression.

You see, ahamkara is how we remember our self and Self – the light and the Sun, the spark and the Flame.   So when we remember our divine origin, how can we stuff a processed food product into our mouth?   How can we sit on the coach and allow their arteries to clog, or arthritis to set in?

Acceptance of our s/Self is the greatest health of all, and for this, time stands still; for the accomplishment of inner quiet (peace of mind) removes years of aging.   As we begin to nurture our body, mind and spirit, we find that time actually reverses itself and we gain youth – vigor and vitality.   You see, longevity is not in the future, but in the living moment, and that is the true cornerstone of holistic health.

Breathe Well .. Smile Often!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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  1. s. eleazer
    May 14, 2011 @ 21:57:14

    well said. I believe.


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