Are you ADHD?   Are your kids?   Did you know there has been a 3% rise in ADHD, per year, from 1997-2006, and that this percentage is increasing?   Wonder why?   Wonder what could be causing it?

Well, The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics has published research done by the University of Montreal and Harvard University, which examines the potential relationship between ADHD and exposure to certain toxic pesticides called organophosphates.

So how are you or your kids getting exposed to toxic pesticides?

In the food you eat.

Babies and children are the most susceptible, being smaller with developing immunities.   But, regardless of your existing good health, the toxic pesticides found on the food you eat can damage the nerve connections in the brain, which means they disrupt the brain’s neurotransmitters.   So .. what does that mean?   It means that the pesticides on the food you eat are hampering your motor system (basic movement), increasing introversion, changing your mood, de-regulating your body temperature, impacting your sleep, decreasing your short-term memory, hindering your learning capacity, and lowering your arousal (stimulation, creating dullness).

If that’s not enough .. organophosphates, that are sprayed on the food you eat .. are used to make nerve gas.   Yes, the same nerve gas used in warfare, and the flea control you put on your pets.

Fortunately, its not all fruits and veggies, so here is a list for you to watch out for:  Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Cherries, Grapes, Lettuce, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Potatoes, Spinach, and Strawberries.

If you eat these .. buy them organic!   Yea, yea .. I know, “it’s expensive”, you say; but we are talking about longterm neurological damage here.

To help save money, you do not need to buy these fruits and veggies organic.

Honestly, consider your priorities here:  health versus loss of health.   Remember, food – whole food – is preventative medicine.   ADD and ADHD are very real and very serious; not only do I know lots of kids with it, but more and more am meeting those with “adult onset ADHD”.

Seriously, for kids, being inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive in school is going to keep them from learning, and so end up being medicated.   And for adults, that means ‘zoning out’ or being easily distracted, having difficulty in paying attention, struggling to complete tasks, overlooking details, and poor listening skills – try doing your job when your brain neurons are not firing right because of the food your eating!

Bottom Line:  This is a quality of life issue, and true food for thought.

Eat Well .. Smile Often!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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  1. Michelle
    May 13, 2011 @ 14:26:08

    Thank-you for spreading the truth about the dangers of pesticide ingestion. People have become so complacent when it comes to nourishing their bodies and minds. They have not yet learned to cultivate the connection between what they put in their bodies and how they feel. I hear the “organic food is too expensive” excuse all the time when I am counseling clients. To me it’s as simple as recognizing that even if that bright red apple looks good, if it’s not organic, it’s poison. I see the price of organic food continue to drop as local farms sprout up everywhere. I encourage my clients to see the long-term benefits of choosing organic whenever possible. Investing in your future and the future of your children by refusing to eat poison seems to me the only sane option.


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