Traditional Hatha Yoga

And this is why Yoga is so misunderstood – so many want to stress how what they are doing is ‘different’ or ‘better’ than Traditional Hatha Yoga, the timeless body and mind connectedness of India.

In this article, Ms. Forrest points out that her “new kind of yoga” is particular good for a segment of the population because of:

1-Grounding through the feet;

2-Deep Breathing;

3-Relaxing the Neck;

4-Strengthening the core;

5-Body awareness; then

6-A willingness to “feel authentic” and “respond honestly”.

You want ‘authentic’ and ‘honest’?  Then listen up .. this article is a load of hogwash.

Traditional Hatha Yoga teaches all of this and more.   In fact, it’s not even Yoga if it does not include these elements at the least.

I suppose this is why I’m not a big ‘Yoga face’, a famous ‘Yoga personality’ .. because I don’t believe in misrepresenting what Yoga really is.

Breathe Well!  Smile Often!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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