Warm Up Like a Yogi

The recommendation of ‘come to class at least 10 minutes early’ is not just to get-in and get-settled, but an opportunity to get ready.


Mentally, we get ready by, first .. being in class.  Many of us rush to get here, or get stuck in traffic so are frazzled, or had a bad day so are fried.  Getting to class early allows us to mentally decompress.


Physically, we have an opportunity to warm-up.


‘Warmth’ in Yoga is from two fires:

-breathing / prana / heating the internal body,

-poses / asana / gentle stretching prior to the routine.


Think about it: If you are doing Yoga then you are looking to develop Yoga within your body, mind and spirit .. so why should your warm-up be any different than a Yogis?


Next you come to class, get there early and start doing Ujjayi Pranayama combined with some spontaneous asanas.  You can still chat with the student next to you – and you may even enourage them to join you!