Yoga Milk

My life has been inspired and motivated by Yoga, which means, virtually everything I read or see or do, has a thread relating it back to Yoga.


Which is why this article made perfect Yoga sense to me:


Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink



And this one:

Chocolate milk beats sports drinks for post-exercise muscle recovery


So how does this relate to Yoga?


Because of Yogi Milk.  Or at least, that’s what I call it.


In Ayurveda, literally, the “science of long life”, or the Yogic approach to health and longevity, there is a milk recipe used to promote strength and recovery.  I call it Yogi’s Milk or Yoga Milk because in every reference I have found for it, it is recommend for the Yogi – one dedicated to Hatha and Raja Yoga – to assist them in both practices (physical and meditational, respectively).


So what is Yoga Milk?


Its 2 cups of milk, 1 tablespoon of ghee, and 1 teaspoon of cumin (seed or powder).  Simply sauté the cumin in ghee until the aroma is released (about 30 seconds), then add this to a blender, where the milk is.  Switch it on, blend and enjoy!


So when would you drink this?


Well, there is a great deal of conversation about eating or not-eating before a work out; and some sound science to promote both ideas.  For me, it comes down to body constitution.  Simply put: some people can eat before working out, and some cannot not.


Often, those who cannot, experience dizziness or weakness; and for those, Yoga Milk may be a way to overcome that.


Likewise, Yoga Milk – akin to the chocolate milk in the articles above – can be used post workout.  I for one have done so with success.  But hey .. that’s my body type, so it’s best to try it our for yourself!


In a name ..

I became a vegetarian as a kid.  Not something I really thought out, but something natural to me.  There was a limited number of meats that I enjoyed, and those only rarely.  It wasn’t until I was eleven that I realized ‘vegetarian’ was an option; and through Yoga, it denoted a spiritual inclination.


Over the years, that first knowledge grew in many directions, ever leading me towards exploration of its definition within my own being.  Seeking my own expression.

Forty plus years later and I am still doing that.

In 40 plus years, I never met a ‘radical vegan’.  Then, I joined facebook.  You may have heard of them; basically, think of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who use aggressive and often offensive means to get their point across.  Generally speaking, a radical vegan is argumentative, judgmental and spiteful in their approach.  (Hence the adjective ‘radical’ before ‘vegan.)

Yet, it didn’t start that way.  Honestly, the idea of vegetarianism is well attested in history .. going back to the ancient Indians and further expounded on by the ancient Greeks.  At no time was this way of eating a ‘radical’ approach.

For myself, I have focused on eating Close to the Source, as in, the Source of all Being, all Existence, the Absolute, the Wellspring of Creation, God, or whatever other term one may have to denote origin (divine or otherwise).

And to me, eating Close to the Source involves being close to nature, which further denotes peace, grace and goodness.

So for me, what I eat does contribute towards my demeanor.  And like everyone else, I like to think that my ideas are clearly seen by others – whether they eat meat or no-meat – but honestly, that’s not how life works.  Which is why I should never try to make others do exactly as I do, for each of us must find a way to not only to feed ourselves but do so with respect for .. well, whatever it is that one respects.

My idea then is that we do not pass judgment on others based on personal perspective.  We each are individuals, and have arrived at our place – in this moment – based on personal experiences and choices.  None can be blamed or debased for where they stand, for who they are, for each of us is exactly where we need to be.
For me, education is the key .. and that key is a heartfelt one, not a dictorial one.

Om Peace!

Yogini Valarie Devi