Ah .. Absolute!

So how does one know when they are enlightened?  Does a light bulb come on over the light bulb?   😉


Enlightenment.  Illumination.  Inspiration.  Unclouded . Transcendent . all words that relate to ‘plugging in’ or standing in ‘direct light’.  Words the world over that reveal our inner true nature.


So many seek to drop out to better attune to self, yet this is not the best option.  You see, every brilliant diamond begins as a darkened lump .. and it is only through effort, through discipline, that the inner light is revealed.


Are you ready to suffer the hardship of discipline?  Are you ready to bury the ego?  What stage of life are you currently at?  Are you living a life of service, expression, discipline or true being?


Well, I guess its best to start at the beginning. So, before asking the question above, how about asking, “What have you done about the elephant in the room that is blocking your path to eternal law?”


You see, only through the elephant will you be able to release the mental, emotional and physical fetters; which means living fully in the world .. living the life of a householder.


Ah .. the slings and arrows of the householder.  Paying the bills, washing the car, going to work, raising the kids, living with a significant other, all seemingly obstacles on your way towards a peaceful life!  If only these things were not in the way!


Yet, it is exactly these things that are needed to polish that lump of black coal that you call ‘self / I’ .. exactly the discipline needed to realize true self and the perspective afforded by that vantage.


Prem and Metta!

Yogini Devi





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