As we walk through life we tend to forget that we are all that and a bag of cosmic chips!


We forget that our mindbody is here to remember the eternal law of the absolute.  We forget the four threads that – woven together – help us re-realize that.


Those four threads are: duty, wealth, love and liberation.


So what is duty?  If you made a list of your duties you could be at it for days!  And yes, these are, no doubt, all very important, but in that list, have you included the ‘realization of self’?


We all want to be spontaneous and gracious, pure and direct in word and deed, to rightly dwell in our inner peace .. yet the world about us seems to conspire against us.  It is only through bhakti – through love – that we will ride upon the uncertain currents of life, to realize the constant flow and blessing of the eternal law within us and about us.  Love is the awakening of our nature through devotion and giving .. for in devotion we open as lovers, and in giving we open to receiving.


So what is wealth?  For many, it is but a word, or something they are ever chasing, but true wealth is both monetary and fulfillment.  You see, tantra – ‘weaving’ – is best used for attracting wealth, for physical need is often more pressing than spiritual matters.  For example, wealth is having sufficient money for all necessities, and a good affirmation for that would be, “I will always have sufficient money to meet all my needs.”


So what is liberation?  Well .. it has a great deal to do with ‘old souls’ and ‘new souls’, but directly, if one maintains discipline, then liberation will follow.  Making liberation then more an effort (or inconvenience) than many have bargained for!   Nor am I referring to the sort of discipline that means meditating every day, or visiting temple once a week, or any other form of spiritual discipline that is not well grounded.  But specific discipline .. focuses and directed discipline.  And that is quite the adventure to find!


Well there you go .. tie the threads of duty, wealth, love and liberation about your finger and you will never stumble!     😀


Ok, ok .. so its a bit more involved than that.  But honestly, the absolute is realized when we turn away from distractions (deal with them, just dont become tangled in them) and enter the cave within.  For only there will we re-discover the self of our self .. patiently await our arrival home.


Prem and Metta!

Yogini Devi


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