What is your Intention?

So many wander aimlessly .. seemingly on autopilot.  Wholesale convinced that life is about being born, going to school, getting a job, having a family, retiring and dying.  These beings miss the intimacies, the true meaning and purpose of life.  Caught up in the pain and glamor, joy and uncertainty of daily living, the Eternal Law is obscured, the path unfound (if its even considered to exist at all).


Yet, each of us stands upon the path of evolution, the vast frontier of self.  And only karma prevents us from know of this, of reaching this.


Well now .. if your going to stand on the edge, you might as well dance!


Dance with auspiciousness!  Live auspiciously!  Merge with auspicity!   For there is no goal, no lesson in life to find and learn, nothing to be missed or overlooked.  The knower knows this already.  The knower knows that there is ‘becoming self’ or ‘finding self’, but knowing that you have never not been self!


There is only the absolute.  There is only that which is beyond mindbody comprehension.  There is only that beyond all attributes.


Beyond mind, beyond body, beyond thought, beyond limitation, beyond time even .. there is only that which all of us truely seek (whether we realize it or not).  There is only that which the poets sing of, the painters paint of, the musicians play of .. there is only that.


And so we come back to karma.  A popular new age / spiritual joke is, “My dogma got run over by my karma”, and though a fun play on words, its not accurate at all.


In truth, karma is controlled through yoga and dharma.   And the subsequent energy transmuted brings us closer to eternal law.  The same eternal law discovered by the ancient sages of yore.  The same eternal law that tells us that the intent, the purpose, the goal of all life is to realize our absolute, transcendent and whole condition.


Yes!  We are without time, without form, without space.  We are boundless truth .. the truth that exists past feeling nature and thinking mind, the truth that exists beyond all waves, the truth that brings with it perspective.


Yes .. I am talking about nonexperience, for the only truth is that to be realized we must lose the desire for self.


Prem and Metta!

Yogini Devi







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