Mahakali Mantra

For those who would like information on Kali chants.

The easiest mantram is:
Om Kali Ma

Next is:
Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namah
This is to invoke her transformative nature

while eradicating negative qualities within our self and the world.

Pronunciation details:
Kali – KI – A

Then a mantram that covers her many aspects:
Om Aim Hrim Klim Camundayai Vicche Svaha

Pronunciation details:

Cah – moon – dI – A

Aim = Saraswati/knowledge;
Hrim = Parvathi/purification;
Klim = Kali’s transformative power (her bija / seed sound);
Camundayai = Kali’s fierce aspect;
Vicche = to cut, to remove (one’s ego);
Svaha = hail!, so be it.

Listen here ..

Then a mantra to ‘reach’ her, or understand her:
Om Kring Kalikaye Namaha

Pronunciation detail:

KrEE – M (Sanskrit ‘g’ is closer to English ‘m’)

Listen here ..

And her Maha Mantra, or “Great” Mantra, the Sri Mahakali Mantram:
Om Hrim Srim Krim
Paramesvari Kalike
Hrim Srim Krim Svaha

Pronunciation detail:

Param – esh – varEE
Kali – key
Svah – ha

Prem and Metta!

~ ~ ~

Picture of Kali Ma, original watercolor by Sri Sahadevan from Vanamali Ashram.


Early Spring Fast

The Shala will be closed Friday, February 3 for Disting/Imbolc/Vasant Panchami – the first of Spring.

February 3 marks the beginning of Spring.  Not actual Spring – which comes with the Spring Equinox in March – but the seasonal shift that marks a turning away from Winter’s cold.

Disting means ‘woman’s assembly’, and is a traditional European tide that celebrates the beauty and strength of female energy.  Likewise, this time of year – between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox – was considered a time of Learning, a time for concentration and deliberation, of contemplative thought, and dreams.

Likewise, Vasant Panchami, meaning “Spring Fifth Day”, also falls during this time.  This holiday is dedicated to Saraswati, whose feminine energy is that of serene and calm expression.

Both tides are excellent opportunities to fast (meaning ‘refrain’ rather than ‘abstain’).  And with such occasions, there is also a central theme on which to focus .. in this case, a simple question:

Know what you are in the hour of sleep ~

a mere body, a subtle soul, or a secret retreat of Light.

A fun family tradition here is the making of Corn Dollies, which can be given as gifts or hung in the home to bring good luck.  (*)

I will be marking this tide in nature .. beneath moon and stars, sunshine or shade, at water’s edge and about a fire.

Have a joyous weekend and see you all on Monday (February 6).

Prem and Metta!


~ ~ ~

*Earth Rites: Fertility Practices in Pre-Industrial Britain, by Janet and Colin Bord