Test Drive

Today begins my one month (or more) adventure into 80/10/10.


I bought the book in December and have been reading it.  It is very similar to my very first raw food book, Love Your Body: Live Food Recipes, by Viktoras Kulvinskas.   (I bought my copy in 1972 and still have it.)


The largest difference between the two is, perhaps, emphasis on spirituality and science.  Love Your Body certainly has its share of science to support its claims, with much to say on overall health, woman’s health, and children’s health, but the focus is on living closer to the s/Source, of being one with nature (the environment).


80/10/10 .. not so much.  It’s focus is – either directly or indirectly – on athleticism.  For example, Love Your Body specifically recommends Yoga, and does include a section entitled “Body Building Program” (page 77), its stance is more on longevity through Metta (loving kindness) and Shanti (peace), digestion and healing, and overall mindfulness.  In all, Love Your Body has a very loving, nurturing and supportive approach .. but then, back-in-the-day, this is what being a ‘vegetarian’ was all about.


You see, during the late 1960’s early 1970s, no one ate “live food”, but “lived” this “lifestyle”; and we were all called ‘vegetarians’.  We simply did not demarcate or, as seen today, discriminate.


For us, it was all about living a simple life of devotion and grace, of gratitude and joy.  By way of comparison, today, many ‘vegans’, ‘raw vegans’, ‘vegetarians’, and the like, not only seem to love labeling themselves, but are often hate-full and intolerant towards others who do not share their ideas.  Its almost as if their approach to eating is more a burden than an expression of bliss.


But hey .. Im an old-schooler hippy-type so dont mind me and my ramblings.


Prem and Metta



Back in My Day!

On a facebook group I am on, someone asked about The Creation Diet, specifically, if anyone was familiar with it.

For my part, I see the bible as a metaphor, so this way of eating could be understood as before flood and after flood, or pre- and post-agricultural eating.  If so, then there is merit in the idea.

This topic brought up religion, and someone then mentioned the Essene Gospel of Peace (EGoP) .. which prompts me to reminisce about when I first became a vegetarian.

You see, Im an old school live foodist.  ‘Live Foodist’ being what we all were back then; that or, just ‘vegetarian’.  Today, everyone wants to have their own label, so that there are now vegans and raw vegans, vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians ..lol.. even flexi-tarians.  Again, when I chose this life path, we were all just “live foodists” or vegetarians. Maybe thats why there is so much in-fighting within this community today .. everyone wants to dicker over verbage.

Eitherway, I still have my very first book on the subject: Love Your Body – Live Food Recipes, by V. Kulvinskas; published and purchased in 1972.

Not being raised Christian, this book was my first introduction to the Essene’s.  Being a lover of all things spiritual, I am a student of comparative religion and mythology.  Having read many of the worlds sacred texts, I often recommend the Essene ideas and/or the mystical aspects of Christianity, to friends and clients.  Primarily because it leaves behind the dogma and other modern-day Churchology trappings.

The EGoP was translated from the Original Hebrew and Aramaic texts by Dr. E.B. Szekely, and though some of his claims have been academically challenged, the EGoP became a cornerstone within the early vegetarian community of the 60s and 70s.  But then, so were several other texts.  Mind you, this was the Hippy Era, or a time of great cultural and individual self-expression.  As such, many texts – both sacred and secular – became foundational ideas of this lifestyle and period.  In fact, many of the topics I see young vegans/vegetarians discussing today are simply re-hashed, re-labeled and/or re-assigned ideas whose origins have become obscure.  In any event, some worthy examples from back-in-the day that would enrich the modern vegan/vegetarian mindset, include:

-Diogenes of Sinope

-Henry David Thoreau

-St. Francis of Assisi (if you haven’t seen Brother Sun Sister Moon, I suggest you run, don’t walk, and do so!)

Correct Eating and Strength, by KL Coe



-the Baghavad Gita, and the Hare Krishna movement

Man’s Higher Consciousness, by H. Hotema

Survival into the 21st Century and Light Eatng for Survival (also by Kulvinskas – when eating this way was called “live food”, which is yet another reason I prefer the word ‘live’ to ‘raw’)

-and even the works of JRR Tolkien.

Simply put: there is far more to the food we eat than simply the food we eat.  There is a reason why it was, is and remains a lifestyle choice.  And regardless of one’s personal idea of religion may be, the bedrock of the Live Food movement was all about some very simple ideas:

-Generosity and Gratitude

-Peace and Love

-Frugality and Simple, Self-Sufficient Living

-Fasting and Cleansing

-Optimum Health and Mental Well Being

-Calm Abiding, Loving Kindness and Mutual Respect.

So by whatever means one comes to this lifestyle, they would do well to know more about its history.  For, in addition to eating as close to the s/Source as possible, the ideas expressed in the Gita and Essene texts, by Diogenes and Pythagoras, by monks and 19th century medical doctors, all offer profound insight that overflows from one’s dinner plate to one’s life palate.

Iya, Inity and Ital!

Change Your Diet Change Your Health

Why change your diet?


Well, most people do it for the truth, and that truth is that what they are currently eating, though tasty, often has an ill-effect the next day.


So why eat vegetarian or vegan?


Because not only is your diet not helping your health, but it’s also disrupting the planet’s health.


Just the other day, one of the local pediatricians was telling me he’s seeing all kinds of illnesses that he never used to see. Not only juvenile diabetes, but inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that a lot of the doc’s don’t even know what to call. And girls are going through puberty much earlier, and kids are allergic to just about everything, and asthma is out of control. Everyone knows it’s our food. We’re messing with the genes of these animals, and then feeding them growth hormones and all kinds of drugs that we don’t really know enough about. And then we’re eating them. Kids today are the first generation to grow up on this stuff and we’re making a science experiment out of them.

-Frank Reese, Good Shepherd Poultry


We know this is going on.  We see this every day in the news.  How much longer do you think you can put this off?  How much longer do you think your health will last until you can’t put it off any more?


Maybe it’s time to consider what your putting into your mouth and if it can honestly be called ‘food’.


Namaste and Peace Out!